Local Flavor

Part of the magic behind our ice cream is based on the meticulous selection of ingredients that we use. Local companies like Hammond’s Candies, Ozo Coffee and Savory Spice Shop bring incredible flavor and personality to our final product.

It is why our Ozo Coffee flavor lifts you off the ground! It is the reason the aroma from our waffle cones can travel a block down the street as a testament to the Indonesian cinnamon sourced by the Savory Spice shop, or why our Hammonds Peppermint Stick tastes like you are home for the holidays.  We take pride in these choices, as they allow us to create ice cream flavors that ignite the senses.

Who We Are

We are a company that believes ice cream is an experience, and that by operating in line with our values we churn out more than just milk, cream, and sugar. We believe that KINDNESS can happen in every interaction. We believe that each of us has the potential to offer a CONTRIBUTION that will make each day better than it was yesterday. We believe COMMUNITY is more than an address, it is a sense of belonging.  We believe that by pushing ourselves to experience GROWTH as individuals, that our world (on both sides of the counter) will thrive.

Our mission is simple : At Sweet Cow, we are committed to making the best-tasting ice cream, served by the friendliest scoopers, in the cleanest shop on the planet.

We embrace who we are and celebrate what sets us apart. We recognize that there are countless variations and demands in the world of ice cream, and while others have perfected those niches, we choose to stay true to our unique creations. You'll find us pouring Lucky Charms into Sweet Cream, infusing vodka into our Big Lebowski, and crushing Oreo upon Oreo to make our Cookies and Cream the best you ever had.

Our Shops

We look forward to meeting you, and becoming your favorite Colorado ice cream shop!


3475 West 32nd Ave

(303) 477-3269


600 Longs Peak Ave

(720) 600-6013


637 Front Street

(303) 666-4269

Platt Park

1882 South Pearl St

(720) 479-8838

South Boulder

669 South Broadway

(303) 494-4269