Join the herd!

Discover your purpose, seize opportunity, and build a vibrant community with Sweet Cow.

As we continue to grow, we're in search of talented and positive individuals to join our team. We're looking for teammates who exude energy, have a genuine passion for ice cream, and spread joy throughout their neighborhoods. Our commitment is to serve the best-tasting ice cream, delivered by the friendliest scoopers, in the cleanest shop you'll find.

We value intelligence, respect, kindness, and a relentless drive to bring your very best to every experience. If you possess an insatiable curiosity and an eagerness to learn, we want you on our team.  We are an evolving company with a focus on four values: community, kindness, contribution, and growth.

We want every person who works for us to be part of the community on both sides of the counter, and work in an environment steeped in kindness and Ozo coffee. To understand what contribution can mean to the community, company, and team, and how they can grow and see every challenge as an opportunity. For some, we are a high school job and for others a career destination. We may sell great ice cream, but we are in the people business.

We offer highly competitive pay and a range of benefits. Outside of free ice cream, expect to wear Sweet Cow tees all year long, revel in the scent of fresh waffle cones as you go home, and experience the satisfaction of brightening everyone's day, every day.

Let's scoop smiles together!